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The Right to Food Debates: Social Protection for Food Security in India
Harsh Mander, Ashwin Parulkar and Ankita Aggarwal

Rs. 1250, Hardback, 468 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789352872848

State food provisioning in India had been regarded as an instrument of social policy since independence. In 2001, however, following a series of starvation deaths in several states...

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Mayilamma: The Life of a Tribal Eco-Warrior
Jothibai Pariyadath, Translated from the original Malayalam by Swarnalatha Rangarajan and Sreejith Varma

Rs. 575, Hardback, 152 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789352873593

Mayilamma (1940–2007)was an illiterate adivasi woman whose iconic leadership of her community against the unrestrained extraction and pollution of water by Coca-Cola put the nondescript village of Plachimada on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border on the global map of environmental activism...

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Companion to Planning in the Global South
Gautam Bhan, Smita Srinivas, Vanessa Watson

Rs. 1225, Hardback, 416 pp
180 x 240 mm, 9789352872930

The Companion to Planning in the Global South offers a collection of essays on planning in parts of the world which, more often than not, are unrecognised or unmarked in mainstream planning texts,..

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Of Indian Origin: Writings From Australia
Paul Sharrad, Meeta C. Padmanabhan

Rs. 675, Paperback, 276 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789352872954

Of Indian Origin is a dazzling collection of short stories and poetry by Australian writers of Indian origin. Cultures collide as children encounter racism in the playgrounds of Canberra, migrant women scrounge for a living nursing Melbourne's elderly,..

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Ecocriticism: Big Ideas and Practical Strategies
Swarnalatha Rangarajan and Scott Slovic (Ed.)

Rs. 225, Paperback, 176 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789352872039

This book provides a detailed introduction to the multifaceted and evolving discipline of ecocriticism. It locates ecocriticism within the varied domains of the Romantic movement, science, ethics, feminism and urban life, while tracing the evolution of the field...

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Women in Political Thought: The Quest for Gender Equality and Beyond
Sushila Ramaswamy

Rs. 995, Hardback, 408 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789386689580

Women and Political Thought provides an in-depth analysis of women´s role and place in political thought.Beginning with Greek political thought, Sushila Ramaswamy traces the history of eighteenth-century liberalism, which, she demonstrates, carried the seed of modern feminism...

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Economic Growth in India and its Many Dimensions
Arup Mitra

Rs. 975, Hardback, 360 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789352870875

We are told that the Indian economy has posted a high growth rate for about two decades. But how good is this growth? Is industry the engine of growth?...

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Mobilizing Krishna´s World: The Writings of Prince Savant Singh of Kishangarh
Heidi R. M. Pauwels

Rs. 925, Hardback, 280 pp
158 x 240 mm, 9789352871285

Savant Singh (1694–1764), the Rajput prince of Kishangarh, is famous for commissioning beautiful works of miniature painting and composing Krishna bhakti poetry under the nom de plume Nagaridas...

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A Short History of American Literature
Krishna Sen and Ashok Sengupta

Rs. 410, paperback, 424 pp
140 x 216 mm, 9789386392725

A Short History of American Literature is a succinct survey of over five hundred years of American literature. It conveys the uniqueness of American literature by focusing on the sociopolitical contexts that shaped America’s literary productions...

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34th Annual Awards for Excellence in Book Production
The Federation of Indian Publishers (FIP) , September 2, 2016 | New Delhi
Orient BlackSwan won three awards at the 34th Annual Awards for Excellence in Book Production, organised by The Federation of Indian Publishers.
1. In the General Books (Hardbound) : Regional Languages category our title:
People's Linguistic Survey of India - Vol. 9, Part 3: Languages of Gujarat (Gujarati)
won the First Prize.
2. In the Reference Books: Hindi category, our title:
People's Linguistic Survey of India - Vol. 16, Part 1: Languages of Madhya Pradesh (Hindi) 
won the First Prize
3. In the Price Lists, Catalogues & Brochures (Hindi) category, our Hindi Pustakein 2015-16 (for Universities) catalogue won the Second Prize.
Ms Sugandhi Kapoor (Vice President, Publishing - Indian Languages) and Mr Rakesh Khemani (Senior Regional Production Manager) accepted the awards on behalf of Orient BlackSwan.
Demonetisation and Black Money1 Navigating the Labyrinth: Perspectives on India's Higher Education2 The-Past-Outcaste3
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