Ferns English Workbook 8
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The Books:
Ferns series (1-8)
Ferns, the new NEP Compliant Communicative English Course for classes 1 to 8, includes a Coursebook, a Workbook and a Literature Reader, along with a Smart App for students. The course is powered by the principles of Competency Based Education (CBE), as envisioned by the National Education Policy 2020, with an approach to teaching, learning and assessment that places learners at the centre, and provides them with a meaningful and positive learning experience.

Ferns series consists of the following:
For the student

  • Coursebooks 1 to 8
  • Workbooks 1 to 8
  • Literature Readers 1 to 8
  • Primers and Activity Books 1 and 2
  • Students’ Smart App 1 to 8

For the teacher

  • Teachers’ Resource Manuals 1 to 8
  • Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with online Smart Books 1 to 8

Ferns Coursebooks

  • wide selection of contemporary and classic texts and poems
  • texts embedded with questions to enable critical reading
  • summaries for all poems
  • higher order thinking skills to unlock critical thinking
  • animation, presentations and picture galleries for texts and poems
  • graded and contextualized approach to teaching important grammar concepts and effective practice for revision and reinforcement
  • emphasis on effective communication with a dual focus on accuracy, fluency and audio support
  • activities to support multiple intelligences and develop 21st century skills
  • experiential learning
  • subject and art integration
  • dedicated section on Indian knowledge systems and heritage
  • variety of formats for creative and functional writing, with graded help
  • special focus on ethics, human and constitutional values, and practical skills
  • focus on building a rich and functional vocabulary
  • self-assessment section after each unit
  • ample practice in study skills

Ferns Workbooks

  • variety of unseen reading passages to develop and strengthen reading skills
  • thematically linked to the Coursebooks
  • exam-style practice in reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar
  • additional practice for other skills covered in the Coursebooks

Ferns Literature Readers

  • rich selection of literary texts by writers from all over the world
  • emphasis on appreciation of style and devices
  • vocabulary building to develop fluency
  • variety of tasks to practise creative writing
  • development of 21st century skills with special focus on values
  • animation for texts and poems
  • Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with online Smart Books 1 to 8

Teachers’ Resource Manual

  • Coursebook—Lesson Modules (Lesson Plan + Students’ Book Answer Key + Question Bank)
  • Literature Reader—Lesson Modules (Lesson Plan + Students’ Book Answer Key + Question Bank)
  • Worksheets and Answer Key to the Worksheets
  • Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers
  • Listening and Speaking with Answer Key
  • Sample Assessment Papers with Answer Key
  • Workbook—Students Book Answer Key

Digital Resources
Smart App for Students

  • audio support
  • interactive activities for key skills and concepts
  • text and poem summaries
  • presentations and picture galleries (also linked with the QR code in the Coursebook)
  • animation for texts and poems (poem animation linked with the QR code in the Coursebook)
  • AR experiences by way of engaging 3D assets

Smart Book for Teachers

  • lesson modules (lesson plans, answer keys, question bank with answers)
  • worksheets with answer keys
  • audio support
  • text and poem summaries
  • animation for texts and poems
  • interactive tasks for key skills and concepts
  • presentations and picture galleries
  • question-paper generator
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