Bangladesh at 50: Development and Challenges
S. Narayan and Sreeradha Datta
140 x 216 mm
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At present, Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, which has transitioned to a middle-income country, progressing significantly in terms of both development and social welfare parameters. Recognised as a multi-party democracy, Bangladesh has improved its energy and transport sectors, maintained better human development indicators than its neighbours, and lifted a substantial section of its population from abject poverty.

Bangladesh at 50 traces the country’s history since 1971, while also commenting on the possible concerns that societal, political and institutional structures are likely to face in the future.

The chapters study Bangladesh's relationship with the world and with India; the role played by multilateral funding agencies and the success of two major NGOs, the Grameen Bank and BRAC; the development of trade and exports as well as the garment industry; issues related to the environment and water; and Islamisation and militancy, along with the role of women in society.

Together, they tell the story of Bangladesh from different perspectives while recognising the fault lines created by religious extremism in a fractured polity.

S. Narayan is Senior Research Fellow, Institute of South Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

Sreeradha Datta is Centre Head, Neighbourhood Studies, and Senior Fellow, Vivekananda International Foundation, New Delhi.

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Foreword by Rehman Sobhan

S. Narayan and Sreeradha Datta
1. Bangladesh: A Journey of Dual Graduation and the Attendant Challenges Mustafizur Rahman
2. Bangladesh's Future Export Challenges and the Need for a FTA Strategy
Amitendu Palit
3. The Challenges of the Readymade Garment (RMG) Industry in Bangladesh
Selim Raihan
4. Role of Multilateral Agencies and NGOs in the Development of Bangladesh
S. Narayan
5. Policy Stances and Financial-Sector Developments in Bangladesh
Salehuddin Ahmed
6. Bangladesh: Examining the Contemporary Politico-social Fabric
Sreeradha Datta
7. Women, Development and Empowerment: The Bangladesh Context
Amena Mohsin
8. Militancy in Bangladesh
Amit Ranjan and Roshni Kapur
9 Energy and Development: Issues of Sustainability
S. Narayan and Sarin Paraparakath
10. Five Decades of Bangladesh–India Relations
Shamsher M. Chowdhury
11. Bangladesh's Foreign Policy: Acquiring New Relevance
Sreeradha Datta
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