Bhartiya Rajvyavastha aur Shasan
Tapan Biswal
180 x 240 mm
Year of Publishing
Territorial Rights
Orient BlackSwan

The book comprehensively covers the syllabus of Indian Polity and Governance of the UPSC and State PSC Preliminary Examination and other competitive examinations. It is a ready hand book for the aspirants as all the topics of these syllabi are covered.

The topics that this volume covers which makes it valuable to the aspirants are : Constitutional development in India; Fundamental rights, Directive Principles and State Policy and fundamental duties; Union Executive; Union Legislature;  The Judiciary; The State Executive; Federalism; Panchayati Raj; Political parties; Democracy and election procedure; Constitutional authorities; Administration of Union Territories; Languages; Constitutional amendments; The State of J&K; Niti Aayog; Public Policy; Rights issues.

There are model test papers and their answers given at the end of each chapter.  There is a Bibliography given at the end of the book.

Tapan Biswal is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, School of Open Learning, University of Delhi. He has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students for nearly three decades. He is a well published author. He has many books and research papers to his credit. He was former member of the Academic Council, Delhi University.  He has to his credit books on Comparative Politics; Human Rights, Gender and Environment; International relations; and Political economy. Dr. Biswal has the following publications to his credit - Ghana: Political Constitutional Developments, Human Rights, Gender and Environment and International Relations. Orient BlackSwan is also published the second edition of Antarrashtriya Sambandh; and Tulnaatmak Rajniti: Sansthaayen aur Prakriyayen written by him in Hindi.

  1. Bharat mein Samvaidhanik Vikaas (Constitutional Development in India)
  2. Moulik Adhikar (Fundamental Rights)
  3. Kendriya Karyakarinee (The Union Executive)
  4. Sanghiya Vidhaayika (The Union Legislature)
  5. Nyaypalika (The Judiciary)
  6. Rajya Karykarinee (The State Executive)
  7. Bharat me Sanghvaad (Federalism in India)
  8. Bharat mein Panchayati Raj (Panchayati Raj in India)
  9. Bharat mein Dal-Vyavastha (Party System in India)
  10. Loktantra tatha Chunaav Prakriya (Democracy and Election Procedure)
  11. Samvaidhanik Pradhikaran (Constitutional Authorities)
  12. Sangh Pradeshon tatha Adhigrahit Pradeshon ka Prashasan (Administration of Union Territories and Acquired Territories)
  13. Bhashayen(the Languages)
  14. Samvaidhanik Sanshodhan (Constitutional Amendments)
  15. Jammu va Kashmir Rajya (The State of Jammu and Kashmir)
  16. Niti Aayog (Rashtriya Bharat Privartan Sanstha) (Niti Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India))
  17. Lok Niti (Public Policy)
  18. Adhikaron se Sambandhit Mudde (Rights Issues)
  19. Vishesh Darje ke Rajya (States of Special Status)

Parishisht Sandarbh Granth Soochi (Bibliography)

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