Textbook Of Biochemistry For Undergraduates
Dr Rafi MD
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The 3rd edition of this title aims to cover the existing MCI syllabus, as well as cater to the independent universities across India, so that the result is a comprehensive undergraduate text in Biochemistry, which can be used in all courses that teach Biochemistry at that level. The highlight features of this book include developing the student's analytical ability and correlation with other subjects to enhance relevance of the subject with the actual clinical scenarios the student will encounter. The liberal use of unique illustrations and tabular columns to complement the easy to understand language and content delivery, which is a stand out in the book, make a complex subject more appealing. The presentation has been improved with the inclusion of several highlighted boxes and modified color scheme. The Question Bank, MCQs and Clinical Riddles have been edited to retain material that are thought provoking and relevant from the exam point of view.

Significant highlights for this edition:

  • Content has been modified to suit the undergraduate student
  • Explanation of the biochemical mechanisms and molecular dynamics has been given importance throughout the book
  • Biomedical waste management is a unique point for the book
  • Pollutants has been presented well
  • Chapter on Oxidation is well written
  • Recombinant DNA technology is well written with clear explanations
  • Immunology as a section has been expanded with simple diagrams to support the text
  • Radio Immuno Assay, monoclonal antibodies added for chapter 32
  • Concept of Monozygotic and dizygotic twins added in chapter 42
  • Thyroid function tests added in chapter 37
  • Multiple boxes integrating Biochemistry with other fields are included as needed

Rafi MD obtained his MBBS degree from Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal, and MD from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. He is currently Vice Dean and Professor and Head, Dept of Biochemistry, RVMIMS, affiliated to KNR University of Health Sciences. He is deeply involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes and has several research publications in various national and international journals to his credit.

I Prelude
1. Learning Biochemistry 1
2. Biological Membranes: Structure and Function 11
II Molecules of Life
3. Carbohydrates 16
4. Lipids 29
5. Amino Acids and Proteins 42
6. Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids 62
7. Enzymes 71
8. Vitamins 90
III Physiological Biochemistry
9. Plasma Proteins 125
10. Hemoglobin–Chemistry of Respiration 134
11. Heme Synthesis and Degradation 144
12. Digestion and Absorption 157
IV Metabolism
13. Introduction to Metabolism 165
14. Central Metabolism: Biological Oxidation 171
15. Metabolism of Carbohydrates 192
16. Metabolism of Lipids 221
17. Metabolism of Amino Acids 256
18. Metabolism of Nucleotides 298
19. Integration of Metabolism 312
20. Metabolism of Xenobiotics 320
V Nutrition
21. Minerals 324
22. Principles of Nutrition 339
VI Clinical Biochemistry
23. Water and Electrolytes 356
24. Acid-base Balance 363
25. Organ Function Tests 376
26. Biochemistry of Cancer 386
VII Molecular Biology
27. DNA Metabolism 394
28. RNA Metabolism 406
29. Protein Biosynthesis 413
30. Regulation of Gene Expression 428
VIII Biotechnology and Immunology
31. Recombinant DNA Technology 436
32. Molecular Biology Techniques 444
33. Biochemical Techniques 461
34. Immunochemistry 469
IX Biochemical Perspective of Endocrinology
35. Hormone Action 490
36. Hormones of the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary 498
37. Thyroid Hormones 505
38. Hormones of the Adrenal Gland 511
39. Hormones of the Gonads 517
40. Hormones of the Pancreas - Diabetes Mellitus 522

X Contemporary Topics
41. Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants 533
42. Biochemical Genetics 537
43. Environmental Pollutants and Toxins 542
44. Human Genome Project and Bioinformatics 548
45. Gene Therapy 556
Key to MCQs 560
Appendix 563
Reference Values and Interpretation of Biochemical Parameters for Ready Clinical Reference
Index 570

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