Gul Mohar Language Practice 5 #NEP #NCF
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The Books:
Gul Mohar Readers #NEP #NCF (10th Edition) (1-8)
The first-ever English Language course designed specifically for Indian classrooms, celebrates its Golden Jubilee with this edition powered by #NEP #NCF.

Gul Mohar #NEP #NCF series consists of the following:

For the student

  • Readers 1 to 8
  • Language Practice 1 to 8
  • Primers 1 & 2
  • Students’ Smart Apps 1–8

For the teacher

  • Teachers’ Resource Manuals 1 to 8  
  • Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with Smart Books 1 – 8

Special Value Adds


  • Rich selection of classic and contemporary texts and poems
  • Warm-up tasks
  • Embedded questions (3–8)
  • While-reading activities
  • Inclusive learning methods
  • Formative and Summative Assessments
  • Tags to show alignment with the NEP and the NCF
  • Disciplinary and inter-disciplinary knowledge
  • Competencies and Learning Outcomes
  • 21C Skills
  • Holistic and Experiential Learning
  • Values and dispositions
  • India knowledge systems
  • Digital Literacy

Language Practice

  • mapped to the competencies defined in the NCF
  • a variety of unseen reading passages to develop and strengthen reading skills
  • exam-relevant practice in Reading, Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing
  • focus on Reading Aloud and Elocution with audio support
  • a range of interesting activities highlighting India knowledge
  • project-based learning targeting multiple intelligences to develop 21C skills
  • integration of language with life skills and research skills

Teachers’ Resource Manual

  • Competency-based Lesson Plans
  • Question Bank with answer key
  • Students’ Book answer key
  • Grammar, Vocabulary and Writing worksheets with answer key
  • Comprehension Passages with questions and answer key
  • Additional Listening and Speaking tasks
  • Sample Assessment Papers (based on the current exam pattern for levels 6 to 8)
  • SAFAL Samples for levels 3, 5 and 8
  • Language Practice Book answer key

Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with Smart Books 1-8

  • e-chapter
  • lesson module
  • smart tips for all units 
  • worksheets with answer key
  • picture galleries and presentations
  • animation and audio support
  • interactive tasks
  • comprehension passages with questions and answer key
  • additional listening and speaking tasks with audio support
  • text and poem summaries
  • question paper generator
  • sample questions papers SAFAL question papers for 3, 5 and 8

Students’ Smart App

  • AR Experiences
  • QR-linked Resources
    • text and poem animation
    • text, poem and exercise audio tracks
    • presentations
    • picture galleries
    • text and poem summaries
    • interactive tasks
    • models for functional writing
    • sample question paper with answer key
    • links to regional and Indian stories
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