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The Books:
New Magnolia English Readers series (1-8)
The revised New Magnolia English Readers K to 8 include some of the finest literary selections from across the world and help develop the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for effective communication. At every level, the concepts and skills are in line with the learning objectives and transactional outcomes set down in the CISCE curriculum.

New Magnolia English series consists of the following:
For the student

  • Readers 1–8
  • Workbooks 1–8
  • Students’ Smart Apps 1–8

For the teacher

  • Teachers’ Resource Manuals 1 to 8
  • Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with online Smart Books 1 – 8

Special Value Adds

  • A rich selection of literary texts and poems
  • Mapped to the CISCE curriculum and custom-designed to match the requirements
  • QR code-linked resources to promote a hands-on learning approach
  • Pre-reading to prepare students for the lesson through fun and enjoyable tasks to stimulate thinking
  • Embedded Questions to help assess comprehension of the reading texts, develop HOTS and support multilingualism
  • Assessments as an integral part of the teaching-learning process by distinguishing between different kinds of assessments,
  • Linked Worksheets for more grammar, vocabulary, writing and comprehension practice


  • Linked Workbooks for extended and graded grammar, vocabulary, writing and comprehension practice

Teachers’ Resource Manual

  • Lesson modules (Lesson Plan + Students’ Book Answer Key + Question Bank)
  • Worksheets
  • Answer Key to the Worksheets
  • Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers
  • Sample Creative Writing Passages (for classes 6, 7, 8)
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Assessment Papers (Paper I and Paper II) with Answer Key
  • Workbook Answer Key

Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal with Online Smart Books 1-8
Smart Chapter Assets

  • Animation for all texts and poems 
  • Audio tracks for all texts, poems and exercises
  • Summary
  • Interactive Activities 
  • Presentations and Picture galleries
  • Lesson Modules which comprise Lesson Plans, Student Book Answer Key and Question Bank
  • Worksheets and Answer key to worksheets 

Book Assets

  • Cross-curricular Presentations and Picture Galleries
  • Weblinks 
  • Students’ Corner assets
  • Summative Assessment Papers 
  • Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers
  • Sample Creative Writing Passages for classes 6, 7 and 8
  • Listening and Speaking with Answer Key
  • Sample Assessment Papers with Answer Key
  • Student Workbook Answer Key
  • Question-paper Generator (QpG)

Students’ Smart App

  • Animation for all texts and poems
  • Audio support for all texts, poems and exercises, as required
  • Presentations
  • Picture galleries
  • Text and poem summaries
  • Interactive tasks
  • Reading corner
  • Students’ corner assets

Other Features

  • Extensive coverage of the language skills built on graded, age-appropriate concepts and activities
  • Contextual teaching of Grammar, Vocabulary and other skills, based on the CISCE curriculum
  • Focus on fluency and accuracy skills along with communication skills
  • Creative and functional Writing tasks in a wide range of formats with models
  • Focus on critical thinking & integrated life skills by selecting texts that reflect on and question real-life choices
  • Choice of texts and poems and questions to heighten literary appreciation
  • Cross-curricular projects & presentations enable learning across subject areas
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