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Orchard English: Holistic Learning for Schools (1-5)

Powered by the guiding principles of the National Education Policy (2020) and the NCERT, Orchard actively supports experiential learning and critical thinking through a multidisciplinary approach. It aims to develop all capacities of human beings—intellectual, aesthetic, social, physical, emotional, and moral in an integrated manner.

Orchard English consists of the following:

For the student

Coursebooks 1–5
Workbooks 1–5
Students’ App 1–5

For the teacher

Teachers’ Resource Packs 1-5
The Orient BlackSwan Teachers Portal with Online Smart Books 1-5

Special Value Adds


Powered by the guiding principles of the National Education Policy (2020) and the NCERT
Holistic Learning and Integration across disciplines and skills in the curriculum
Thematic Approach for graded and child-friendly learning
21st Century Skills for strong cognitive and personal development, beyond rote learning
Experiential Learning to connect real life with concepts
Learning Outcomes to attain specified goals on a clear path
Extensive Digital Resources for students and teachers  


Linked worksheets for extensive practice for unseen comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and writing

Teacher's Resource Pack

A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack with Lesson Plans, Question Bank with Answer Key, Worksheets with Answer Key, Students' Book Answer Key, Comprehension Passages with Questions and Answers, Listening and Speaking with Answer Key, Sample Question Papers I and II with Answer Key, Workbook Answer Key

Other Features

The Orient BlackSwan Teachers' Portal with Online Smart Books (1-5):
Students’ App (1-5): animations, presentations, picture galleries and weblinks
Animations: for all texts and poems (1­–5)
Themes for cross-curricular learning, holistic development and awareness of Sustainable Development Goals
Warm-Up sections: with interactive formats and emphasis on subject-integrated learning
Embedded and Post-Reading Questions to ensure in-depth understanding and encourage critical thinking, with graded introduction to literary appreciation
Grammar: Well-graded with concise and lucid explanations, adequate examples, and a wide variety of formats for practice and methodical revision
Words in Use: varied formats to promote rich vocabulary
Writing: Creative and functional Writing tasks in a wide range of formats with models and prompts for adaptive learning and to encourage free and critical thinking
Listening tracks: Extensive selection in diverse formats, with special focus on subject-integrated learning, for while- and post-listening exercises
Speaking: Blend of creative and functional exercises with emphasis on effective communication through discussions
Values and Life Skills for Social and Emotional Learning
Projects and Activities for Experiential Learning and development of Multiple Intelligences
Heritage and Know Your India for India Knowledge
Extension: theme-linked digital resources for visual, oral and aural literacy
Do you know?: fascinating facts covering a range of topics and to stimulate curiosity
Pronunciation/Spelling/Punctuation: graded practice; focus on challenging areas
Teacher Support: A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack and online Smart Book on the Orient BlackSwan Teachers’ Portal for each class with session plans, answer keys, listening texts, question bank, worksheets, sample question papers, animations, audio tracks, presentations and picture galleries.

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