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The digITal series of computer books is being released in 3 versions:

  • digITal JOURNEY, Windows 7 – Office 2010 edition
  • digITal CRUISE, Windows 10 – Office 2010 edition
  • digITal FLIGHT, Windows 10 – Office 2016 edition

Each version is a series of eight books for classes 1 to 8. The different versions use the same basic material, modified for the Windows/Office version used.

Core Strengths

  • Attractive Layout
  • Application-oriented text with emphasis on understanding and making the learning relevant to the student 
  • Step-by-step instructions with actual screenshots
  • Emphasis on development of all-round skills
  • N.E.T.S.M.A.R.T is about careful and wise use of the internet (6 – 8)

Key features

  • Learning Objectives are clearly defined in the beginning of each chapter.
  • Workout has activities and exercises within the text that help to reinforce the understanding of concepts before moving to the next section.
  • Snap Recap facilitates quick recall of important points.
  • Exercises at the end of chapters have a variety of objective- and subjective-type questions.
  • Think and Answer stimulates higher order thinking skills for deeper understanding.
  • Hands On and Fun with Computers have activity-based tasks that make the learning of concepts enjoyable and practical.
  • Find Out and Projects help develop research skills and critical 21st century skills.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts within a chapter and at the end of books 3-8 help students work with speed and accuracy.
  • Two test papers
  • National Cyber Olympiad Papers are provided in Books 3–8.

Unique features

  • Computer Technology and You (CTY)

Instead of giving random facts as ‘Did you knows’ as in other books, digITal  has the CTY feature that connects students to new computer technologies that already affect, or will soon affect, their everyday lives, such as:
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Driverless cars, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Virtual and Augmented Reality and Block-chain Technology.
Students are introduced to these innovative technologies through simple explanations and colourful two-page illustrative formats.

  • Three versions at the same time. Branding in title to ensure recall and maximum market coverage possible, so sky is the limit!
  • Five animations that can be accessed through QR codes
  • Two Augmented reality assets that can be accessed through AR Markers
  • Digital Fare for the Teachers
    • Teachers CD: Animations, Interactive Tasks, Worksheets, Answer Keys
    • Teachers Portal: Animations, Interactive Tasks, Worksheets, Answer Keys
    • Smart App:  AR experiences, QR-linked Animations, Interactive Tasks

Books 1-5 have been authored by a group of computer teachers from different schools.

Books 6-8 are authored by Mr Rajiv Mathur, a prolific writer of computer books.

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