Bharat mein Samvaidhanik Shasan aur Loktantra (Constitutional Governance and Democracy in India)
Abhay Prasad Singh and Krishna Murari
140 x 216 mm
Year of Publishing
Territorial Rights
Orient BlackSwan

This is a textbook for the paper "Constitutional Governance and Democracy in India” as per the latest CBCS syllabus operational in all universities in India. This paper is offered in Semester 1. The book is written in Hindi original and is aimed for the Hindi medium students of the Hindi speaking belt in India.

This book discusses the constitutional design of state structures and institutions, and their actual working over time. The Indian Constitution accommodates conflicting impulses of liberty and justice, territorial decentralization and a strong union. It further talks about the state institutions in their mutual interaction, and in interaction with the larger constitutional environment.

The Book covers the following topics:  Philosophy of the Constitution, the Preamble, and Features of the Constitution; Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles; The Legislature: the Parliament; The Executive: President and Prime Minister; The Judiciary: Supreme Court; Federalism and Panchayati Raj and Municipalities.
The book is fully updated with latest conceptual discourses and facts as per the syllabus.

Abhay Prasad Singh is Senior Assistant Professor of Political Science, PG DAV College, University of Delhi. He has experience of teaching this subject over 15 years now. He also taught post graduate students of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) during February 2009 to February 2011. Currently, he is also teaching post graduate students at the Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board, University of Delhi. He is a member of Commission for Scientific & Technical Terminology, MHRD, Government of India; and was a Fellow with Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti (GSDS) from 2000  to 2002.

Krishna Murari [MA, Ph.D. from Delhi University] is currently Assistant Professor, Political Science department, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Delhi. He has co-authored with Professor L N Sharma  Rajnitik Samajshastra  published by Orient BlackSwan.  He has a few articles published in few Political Science journals as well.

The contributors of this volume are teaching faculty of Political Science of various colleges affiliated to Delhi University, such as Dyal Singh College [Dr Anurag Pandey]; ARSD College [Dr Indrajit Kumar Jha and Dr Bhavnath Jha]; Daulat Ram College [Dr Deepak Kumar]; Shaheed Bhagat Singh College - Evening [Dr Sharad Kumar Yadav]; Janaki Devi College [Dr Chanchal Kumar]; JNU Post Doctoral fellow Dr Bijendra Jha; Professor Mahendra Prasad Singh Ex-HOD, Department of Political Science Delhi University.

Bhumika [Preface]
Paaribhashik Shabdaavali [Definitional  Terminology]

  1. Bharatiya Loktantra aur Samvidhaanvaad (Indian Democracy and Constitutionalism)
  2. Samvaidhaanik Vikas ka Itihas evm Samvidhaan Nirman (History of Constitutional Development and Constitution-making)
  3. Bharatiya Samvidhaan ka Darshan (Philosophy of the Indian Constitution)
  4. Mool Adhikaar aur Niti Nideshak Tattava (Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles)
  5. Chapter 5: Vidhanmandal-Sansad (The Legislature-Parliament)
  6. Sanghiya Karyapalika- Rashtrapati aur Pradhanmantri (Union Executive : President and Prime Minister)
  7. Bharatiya  Nyayapalika -Sarvochch Nyaayaalaya (Indian Judiciary–The Supreme Court)
  8. Bharat mein Sanghvaad (Federalism in India)
  9. Grameen Sthaaniya Swashasan ke Roop mein Panchaayat (Panchaayats as Rural Local Self-governance)
  10. Samkaleen Bharat mein Shahari Shasan (Urban Government in Contemporary India)



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