Jaati ki Samajh : Mahatama Buddh se Babasaheb Ambedkar aur Unke Baad (Understanding Caste: from Buddha to Ambedkar and Beyond)
Gail Omvedt
140 x 216 mm
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Orient BlackSwan
  • Jaati ki Samajh: Mahatama Buddh se Babasaheb Ambedkar aur Unke Baad is the Hindi version of the book Understanding Caste: From Budhha to Ambedkar and Beyond published by Orient blackSwan.
  • This book talks about the complex subject of caste in a very easy to understand way. It discusses the historical issue of caste and anti-caste movements. It tells us that how Dalit politics and the Dalit vision require going beyond even the term ‘Dalit’ and how it has contributed to being symbolic of the most oppressed and exploited sections within the graded hierarchies of caste. Discusses about Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and  Mayawati.
  • This book starts with Buddhism and radical bhakti, in the anti-patriarchal stands of early feminists, in the pervasive radicalism of the dalit activists—from Phule and Periyar, Ramabai and Tarabai, to Kabir, Tukaram and Ambedkar. The book also discusses the role of Ambedkar, Kanshi Ram and Mayawati in the rise of Dalit politics and Dalit power.
  • This book brings to the reader the failures and triumphs of the many efforts that have aimed to dissolve the oppressive facets of Hinduism and its caste ideology, and continue to organise in newer ways for 'another' possible world where equality and human freedom reign supreme. It also makes visible the logic of dalit politics and the rise of the Bahujan Samaj Party, as a major alternative to the rise of Hindutva.

This important and essential book will be an invaluable primer on the subject of Dalit to students of Dalit and caste studies and politics.

Gail Omvedt (1941-2021) was a scholar-activist who worked with new social movements, especially women's groups and farmers' organisations. A PhD from the University of California, Professor Omvedt held the Dr Ambedkar Chair for Social Change and Development at the Indira Gandhi National Open University. She was a citizen of India from 1982. She was actively involved in anti-caste campaigns from the 1970s onwards. Her academic writings include several books and articles on class, caste and gender issues, and included the books, Reinventing Revolution: New Social Movements in India (1993) and Dalits and the Democratic Revolution (1994). She was a consulting sociologist on gender, environment and rural development and lived in Kasegaon in southern Maharashtra.


  1. Bharat ki Do Mahaan Paramparayein aur Hinduvaad ka Nirman (The Two Great Traditions of India and the Construction of Hinduism)
  2. Hindu Dharm se Pahle: Baudh Dharm ke Siddhant (Before ‘Hinduism’: The Buddhist Vision)
  3. Hindu Dharm se Purv: Bhakti ki Anuraagmayi Dhara (Before Hinduism: The Devotional Visions of Bhakti)
  4. Brahamnvaadi Shosan ke Roop mein Hindu Dharm: Jotiba Phule(Hinduism as Brahman Exploitation: Jotiba Phule)
  5. Pitrasatta ke Roop mein Hinduvaad: Ramabai, Tarabai aur Prarambhik Naarivaadi (Hinduism as Patriarchy: Ramabai, Tarabai and the Early Feminists)
  6. Aarya Vijay ke Roop mein Hinduvaad(Hinduism as Aryan Conquest: The Dalit Radicals of the 1920s)
  7. Pratikranti ke Roop mein Hinduvaad: B. R. Ambedkar (Hinduism as Counter-Revolution: B. R. Ambedkar)
  8. Dillli Shasan ke Roop mein Hindu Dharm(Hinduism as Delhi Rule: Periyar and the National Question)
  9. Swatantra Bharat: Bramnvaadi Samajvaad, Brahmanvaadi Bhumandalikaran(Independent India: Brahmanic Socialism, Brahmanic Globalisation)
  10. Hinduvaad Samanvaadi Pichhdepan ke Roop mein: Dalit Panthers(Hinduism as Feudal Backwardness: The Dalit Panthers)
  11. Dalit Rajniti ka Tark(The Logic of Dalit Politics)
  12. Bahujan Samaj Party ka Uday(The Rise of the Bahujan Samaj Party)

Nishkarsh  (CONCLUSION)
Sita ka Shaap, Shambuk ki Chuppi (Sita’s Curse, Shambuk’s Silence)
Sandarbhgranth Soochi (BIBLIOGRAPHY)
Anukramanika (INDEX)


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