Computers Ahead: Class 6 (updated edition)
Anjana Jain
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Orient BlackSwan

This new edition of Computers Ahead 1-8 is thoroughly revised with enhanced and updated material, and includes exciting new developments in the field of computer hardware and software.

Student friendly teaching methodology

Hands-on teaching methodology is followed where students learn languages and application software while working on an example that takes them through the commands.

The traditional method followed in most books is to list all commands first and then giving examples. As compared to this, the hands-on methodology improves understanding and ability to apply. It is more engaging and motivating since students do something useful right from the beginning and do not have to first learn up theoretical information.

Better organisation of material and layout

The revised books have a more open and pleasing layout.

The chapters in each book are now organised into the following four sections:

1. About a computer

2. Application software

3. Logic and programming

4. Connectivity

Each chapter starts with Learning Objectives.

New and enhanced software and languages

  • Tux Paint – open source drawing software (NEW! CA 1-4)

  • Scratch – the exciting new generation graphical programming language for children developed by MIT. It enables students to make exciting programs in very little time. (NEW! CA 4, 5)

  • MS Office 2007 (earlier edition had MS Office 2003) – more advanced coverageat each stage.

  • MS Office 2010 updates given as Appendix in CA 3-8.

  • Multimedia, Flash and HTML – more advanced coverage with multiple object animated simulations and frames included.

  • SketchUp: the 3D modeling software – more advanced coverage including creation of complex real life objects using advanced tools

New features

  • Explore More – Acknowledging the ability of students today to acquire knowledge beyond any syllabus in this field, students are encouraged to extend their learning by exploring on their own.

  • Dos and Don’ts: Values and life skills

  • Practical work (in addition to Activities)

  • Multiple Choice Questions

  • Higher Order Thinking Skills

  • Cross-curricular questions and applications

Website forever

Books 6-8 provide to students the facility of making their own website using the tools available on the website forever site. There is a free version, and a paid version with 15-day free trial. This is brought to students courtesy Orient Balckswan and Akmin Technologies.

Key features of Computers Ahead 1- 8

  • Better organization of material and improved layout.

  • Hands-on teaching methodology that improves learning.

  • New application software included – Tux Paint and Scratch. First time Scratch has been introduced in any computer series in India.

  • MS Office 2007, with MS Office 2010 updates.

  • More advanced coverage in several topics such as MS Office, Flash, HTML, Sketch Up

  • Several new features included – Explore More, Dos and Don’ts (values and life skills), Practical work, MCQs, HOTS, Cross-curricular questions and applications.

Anjana Jain teaches computers at American Embassy School, New Delhi.
3-6-752 Himayatnagar, Hyderabad,
500 029 Telangana
Phone: (040) 27662849, 27662850
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