Quantum Mechanics
Trilochan Pradhan
158 x 240 mm
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This book presents a novel treatment of some unusual topics of non-relativistic theory of quantum mechanics, not often covered in classic texts. Notable among these are the first quantized theory of photons and neutrons (most books give the second quantized theory); Bohr–Sommerfeld ‘action’ as differential operators with their eigenvalues n and l and their corresponding eigenfunctions; parabose and parafermi symmetries of identical particles; Dirac’s initiation of Lagrangian formulation of quantum mechanics (also known as transformation theory) and its elaboration and completion by Feynman; topological phase of the wavefunction in Bohm–Aharonov, Aharonov–Casher and neutron interferometer experiments (examples of the Berry phase); and quantum beats such as Stark and exchange oscillations similar to ‾Κ Κ0 and neutrino oscillations in particle physics. Graduate students of physics will find this fresh exposition of topics interesting as also will teachers of physics. The book is intended to broaden one's understanding of quantum mechanics. This is a reference book that most physics departments at universities would like to procure.

Trilochan Pradhan, Honorary Professor Emeritus, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar and its founding director (1974–89), obtained his PhD from University of Chicago in 1956. He headed the Theoretical Nuclear Physics Division at the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics from 1964–74 and served as the vice chancellor of Utkal University (1989–91). Professor Pradhan is the author of The Photon published by Nova Science Publishers, New York (2001), and several research publications.
Preface / Genesis / Foundations / Symmetry and Conservation Laws / Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum / Quantum Mechanics of Photon and Neutrino / Passage from Quantum to Classical Mechanics / Solution of Schrödinger Equation / The Hydrogen Atom / Perturbation Theory / Electron Spin and Hydrogen Fine Structure / Identical Particles / The Helium Atom / Emission and Absorption of Photons by Atoms / Scattering of Photons by Atoms / Lamb Shift / Theory of Scattering / Phase of the Wavefunction / Lagrangian Formulation of Quantum Mechanics / Paradoxes in Quantum Mechanics / Appendix-A / Appendix-B / Subject Index / Author Index
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