Remote sensing and its Applications
L R A Narayan
158 x 240 mm
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This compilation of articles published in THE HINDU provides a clear understanding of Remote Sensing, the amazing technology which is opening up new vistas for the mapping, management, and monitoring of our natural resources. Richly illustrated and easy to read, the book will be of interest to students, teachers, scientists and non-specialists.

Dr L R A Narayan, the first Head of Applications, National Remote Sensing Agency, has several significant contributions to his credit. He carried out extensive survey and mapping in the difficult north eastern parts of India, and developed new methods for wasteland mapping and ground water assessment, which provided much needed information for undertaking a variety of development programmes. He was instrumental in introducing various R & 0 activities in the use of satellite data at the Indian Photo Interpretation Institute (now the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing), Dehradun, where he taught Photogrammetry. He is the recipient of the Edward Dolezel Award of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.

List of Plates
  1. The Eye in the Sky
  2. Keeping Track of the Satellite
  3. Applications of Remote Sensing Data
  4. Remote Sensing over Fishing Zones
  5. Impact of Mining Activities on Environment-I
  6. Impact of Mining Activities on Environment-I!
  7. Remote Sensing and Biodiversity
  8. Satellites and Coastal Zones
  9. Monitoring Forest Cover
  10. Microwave Remote Sensing
  11. Information and the Space Age
  12. Remote Sensing for Route Alignment
  13. Remote Sensing for Flood Management
  14. Remote Sensing for Geographical Information Systems
  15. Monitoring Urban Growth using Remote Sensing
  16. Specialised Application of Remote Sensing
  17. Mapping Wastelands through Remote Sensing
  18. Digital Forest Management
  19. Remote Sensing: Sky's the Limit
  20. The Impact of Multi-Purpose River Projects
  21. What Space Technology has to Offer
  22. Preventing Natural Disasters
  23. Opportunities OpenUp
  24. Careers in Remote Sensing
  25. Remote Sensing for the Military
  26. Remote Sensing for Managing Water Resources
  27. Satellites and Aquaculture
  28. Using Land through Remote Sensing
  29. Watersheds and Remote Sensing
  30. Resolutions in Remote Sensing
  31. Gaining Ground Rapidly
  32. Valuable Aid for Crop Production
  33. Valuable Information Tool
  34. Geoinformatics and Human Resources
  35. Satellite Surveillance for Drought Conditions
  36. Crop Forecast from Satellite Data
  37. Sentinel in the Sky
  38. Remote Sensing by RadarSat
  39. Remote Sensing to Help Boost Tourism
  40. Education in Space Science
  41. Planning out Infrastructure
  42. An Application of Geotechnology
  43. Estimating Forest Cover
  44. Tapping Potential
  45. Understanding Oceans
  46. Managing Groundwater
  47. Databases for Geographic Systems
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