New English Junction Activity: 1
Shanta Rameshwar Rao
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New English Junction is a dynamic and complete course that facilitates competent and effective communication in English.

  • Reading varied selection—classic, contemporary, Indian and Western. One play has been included in each Coursebook (1-8). A range of exercises—wh- questions, table completion, MCQs etc.
  • Emerging issues and themes like patriotism, environmental issues, global citizenship etc. are included to motivate the student to reflect respond and be creative.
  • Speaking and Listening sections in the Coursebooks emphasize effective use of these skills in everyday life. The tasks focus on functional communication and also address listening for different purposes.
  • Writing guided writing for clear presentation of ideas and a variety of styles with formats and examples. The tasks also help develop independent writing.
  • Grammar syllabus-based grammar concepts in actual use with focused attention on meaning and form. There are also detailed explanations and examples as well as extended practice.
  • Words in Use attention to vocabulary building and expansion
  • Study Skills exercises to practise spelling and punctuation. Study skills developed through dictionary work.
  • Digital Resources Students’ Advantage CD with interactive practice and exam skills; Students’ App with language enrichment on the go; Teachers’ Smartbooks 1-8 with e-learning enhancement and digitally mapped to the Coursebook and Literature Reader, audio-visual resources, worksheets, presentations, question paper generator and interactive exercises; Empower a virtual resource centre for teachers.
  • Teacher Support is enhanced and well-organised to ensure that the teacher is partnered responsibly. A comprehensive Teacher’s Resource Pack for each class with answer key, author notes, lesson and poem summaries, listening texts, lesson plans, FA rubrics, question bank, worksheets, audio tracks, additional comprehension passages, sample papers for ASL and OTBA and presentations.

New English Junction consists of the following:

  • Primers and Activity Books 1 and 2
  • Coursebooks 1 to 8
  • Workbooks 1 to 8
  • Literature Readers 1 to 8
  • Students’ Advantage CDs 1 to 8
  • Students’ App 3 to 8
  • Digital Resources for Students and Teachers
  • Teacher’s Resource Packs Primer to 8

Shanta Rameshwar Rao (1924–2015) wrote and told stories for most of her life. For her, story-telling was as natural as breathing; she believed that stories emerged from deep within and that in the telling and writing, they changed both teller and listener. She wrote for children and adults, and indeed her works have been enjoyed by people of all ages. She is best known for her retelling of Indian myths and legends. Her wide repertoire includes books like Tales of Ancient India (translated into several languages), The Bulbul’s Ruby Nose-ring, Seethu, Bekanna and the Musical MiceChathu—The Elephant Boy (co-authored with Karoor Nilakanta Pillai), In Worship of Shiva, and her retelling of the Mahabharata (now used as essential course material in story-telling courses in universities in the UK)Her novel, Children of God, was published to critical acclaim. She was invited by the Sahitya Akademi to write on the life and teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

A dedicated and inspired educationist, Shanta Rameshwar Rao founded the Vidyaranya School in Hyderabad in 1961, a space where, as she believed, children could learn with joy, creativity and in a spirit of questioning.

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