Padilechina Telangana (telugu version of the fall and rise of telangana)
Gautam Pingle
140 x 216 mm
Year of Publishing
Territorial Rights
Orient BlackSwan

This book is a Telugu version of the Book The Fall and Rise of Telangana published by Orient BlackSwan in 2014.

Post Independence, the state of Andhra Pradesh was created by merging the Telangana region, a part of the princely state of Hyderabad, with the coastal region of Andhra and Rayalaseema—both parts of the erstwhile Madras state. With Madras, the major source of income of the state, allocated to Tamil Nadu, it was necessary to include the revenue-surplus Telangana to create a financially viable entity.

However, there had always been doubts about the long-term feasibility of such an arrangement. Jawaharlal Nehru had even considered the provision of a ‘divorce’ if the ‘marriage’ between the three regions did not turn out to be mutually beneficial.

Despite several agreements, laws and government orders safeguarding the interests of the people of Telangana, modern history records a sordid tale of exploitation, agitation, assurances and broken promises. The author shows how the Srikrishna Commission that was formed to look into the matter and impartially recommend a way forward ‘subverted’ the process and came forward with a predetermined solution.

Today, despite violent agitation, the surplus revenue of the region continues to be disproportionately diverted to Coastal Andhra, while land around Hyderabad is quite often illegally allocated to land sharks from other regions.

The author has painstakingly dissected the Telangana problem from its inception to the where a separate state seems to be inevitable. He has identified the political reasons for the behaviour of the national leaders in making promises and later reneging on them, and shows how this betrayal has affected the people of the region.

In the final chapter, the author proposes a model for the trifurcation of the state and how this can be made equitable and just. Vocal and hard-hitting, this book will be valuable for students of political science and general readers interested in the movement.

Professor Gautam Pingle was formerly Dean, Research and Consultancy, Administrative Staff College of India, Hyderabad.


  1. State on the Edge
  2. Telangana and the Republic
  3. Hyderabad: Then and Now
  4. The Linguistic States: Nehru and States’ Reorganization
  5. The Electoral Situation in the Two States
  6. Caste Politics and the Merger
  7. The Telangana Tragedy
  8. Caste War, Naxalism and the Telangana Vote Bank
  9. The Ongoing Movement and the Promises Made
  10. The Rayalaseema Region
  11. Tribal Land Rights and Demand for a Separate State
  12. The One Man Girglani Commission
  13. Muslims and Telangana: A Roundabout Journey
  14. Irrigation in Telangana: The Rise and Fall of Tanks
  15. A Summary Submission to the Srikrishna Commission
  16. The Findings of the Srikrishna Commission
  17. The Srikrishna Commission: The Truth about Its Secret Chapter
  18. The Srikrishna Commision Report: The Judgment
  19. Polling the Impossible
  20. Telangana’s Cousins: In India and Abroad
  21. Trifurcation and a New Governance Model

Postscript:The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill, 2013


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