Lok Prashasan : Siddhaant evm Vyavahaar
Sushma Yadav and Balwan Gautam
140 x 216 mm
Year of Publishing
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This text book on Public Administration aimed for the ‘Public Administration : Theory and Practice’ paper of BA Hons of University of Delhi - specifically written for the paper ‘Theories of administration’ [Paper 10, Semester III] and also aims for the Paper ‘Public Policy and Administration in India’ paper 14 Semester 4.

This book discusses Introduction of public administration; Meaning, nature and development; New perspectives of public administration; Development of administration in India; Development administration; Administrative theory; Organization and Methods; Structure of an organization; Public policy; Personnel administration; Bureaucracy in India;Financial administration; Financial administration in India; Citizen and administration; Public participation in administration; Welfare administration; decentralization; Urban local governance; Administrative reform and changing nature of governance in India.
Included in the book are updates as of 2015 on the public administration in India.

The book is appended with bibliography and index.

Prof. Sushma Yadav, M.A., (Gold Medalist) M.Phil., Ph.d. is Pro Vice Chancellor of Indira Gandhi National Open University. An eminent scholar and Gold Medalist from the University of Delhi, Prof. Yadav has a very rich teaching and research experience of more than 30 years. She was Chair Professor, Dr Ambedkar Chair in Social Justice at Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. Professor Yadav has published several books and a number of monographs on political science, social justice, the gender Issues, culture and politics.

Dr Blawan Gautam is Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Ramanujan [Desh Bandhu Gupta College] College, University of Delhi. He is currently Fellow of Political Science at Delhi University’s Institute of Life Long Learning (ILLL), University of Delhi. The publications to his credit are: Cooperatives and Rural Development in India; Tulnatmak Rajnitik Siddhaant ke Sandharbh; Rajnitk Siddhant : Avdhaarnayen evm Vimarsh; etc.

Lok Prashasan: Ek Parichay [Public Administration : An Introduction]

Lok Prashasan : Arth, Prakriti, Kshetra, Vikas [Public Administration : Meaning, Nature, Scope and Development]

Lok Prashasan ke Upagam [Approaches to Public Administration] 

Lok Prashasan ke Siddhaant [Principles of Public Administration]

Vikas Prashaasan: Ek Sankalpnatam Vishleshan [Development Administration : A Conceptual Analysis]

Lok Prashasan ke Naye Aayam [New Dimensions of Public Administration] 

Lok Prashasan ke Kuchh Vishist Aayam [Some Specific Dimensions of Public Administration]

Sangathan ke Siddhaant [Principles of Organisation]

Sangathan ki Sanrachana [Structure of Organisation]

Lok Neeti: Sankalpnatamk Samajh [Public Policy : Conceptual Understanding]

Bharat mein Vitt Prashasan [Finance Administration in India]

Naagrik aur Prashasan [Citizen and Administration]

Jan Sahbhagita aur Vikas [Public Participation and Development]

Samaj kalyan Prashasan [Social Welfare Administration]

Vikendrikaran aur Prashasan [Decentralization and Administration]

Bharat mein Shahri Sthaaniya Swashasan [Urban Local Self Governance in India]

Grameen Sthaaniya Prashasan [Rural Local Administration]

Prashaasanik Sudhaar [Administrative Reforms]

Vaishvikaran aur Bhaartiya Prashaasan [Globalization and Indian Administration]

Bharat mein Naukarshaahi ka Vikas [Development of Bureaucracy in India]

Kaarmik Prashaasan [Personnel Administration] 

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