Foundations of Human Development: A Life Span Approach
Asha Singh (Ed.)
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‘Human Development’ is the study of humans, from conception to death. It provides an understanding of the physical, socio-cultural and environmental influences on growth and development, and the different roles that individuals play at different stages. It also focuses on the changes that take place in individuals as they progress through the human lifecycle.

This book focuses on human development in all domains—physical, social, cognitive, linguistic, and emotional. It discusses the norms of growth and development, and the factors influencing their progress, in the Indian context, with special reference to the plurality of Indian families. The important features of this book are:

  • Introduces the study of human development, and the various theories underlying it.
  • Covers issues relating to sexuality, reproductive health, fertility and conception, and the influence of genetics, heredity and environmental factors.
  • Provides detailed discussions on childbirth, care of the newborn, infant care, and developmental milestones.
  • Explains the significance of the early childhood and preschool period.
  • Explains the concept of ‘middle childhood’, and the growing child’s position in the larger physical and social world.
  • Describes growth and developmental changes during adolescence, focusing on Indian social contexts.
  • Discusses the roles and responsibilities of adults.
  • Discusses physical changes and health issues among the elderly, as well as current demographic trends, policies for the elderly, and notions of death.

Lucid and engaging, this book will be invaluable for all students of Home Science. Child counsellors, teachers and behavioural psychologists will also find it useful.

Asha Singh is Reader, Human Development and Childhood Studies, Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. She has been writing about the use of Arts in pedagogy, as well as developing curricula for courses in Theatre in Education for the National School of Drama, CBSE(i), IGNOU. She has also guided the Arts in Education Position paper for NCF 2005, NCERT.

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Chapter 1
Basic Ideas in Human Development
Asha Singh

Chapter 2
Human Reproduction: Characteristics and Significance
Vinita Bhargava and Dimple Rangila

Chapter 3
Birth and the Newborn
Vinita Bhargava and Savita Sagar

Chapter 4
Development in Early Childhood  
Shradhha Kapoor and Asha Singh

Chapter 5
Development in Middle Childhood  
Punya Pillai and Asha Singh

Chapter 6
Development in Adolescence  
Punya Pillai and Asha Singh

Chapter 7
Adulthood: Transitional Roles and Responsibilities
Dimple Rangila and Savita Sagar

Chapter 8
Ageing and the Elderly
Dimple Rangila and Asha Singh

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