The Writings of D. N. Dhanagare: The Missing Tradition: Debates and Discourses in Indian Sociology
D. N. Dhanagare
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D. N. Dhanagare has been an inspirational figure for students and scholars of sociology for over four decades now. His seminal writings on peasant movements, farmers’ issues, state, civil society, Green Revolution, to name a few, are notable contributions to the discipline.

The Writings of D. N. Dhanagare is a definitive collection of essays illuminating his range of interests. Divided into four sections, the ten essays analyse his views and positions on issues such as globalisation, neo-liberal capitalism, transnational corporations, state, civil society and university as an important forum for civil society.

The essays in the first section analyse how without de-linking the Indian economy from the global capitalist regime it is possible for the country to put forth a viable alternative, provided the political class has the will to implement the right policies. The second section discusses the uneasy relationship between the state and civil society.  

The two essays included in the third section have emerged out of the author’s deep involvement in studies in agrarian social structure and transformation in India, and also in the study of social movements in general. The three essays in the final section express everyday concerns of practising sociologists in India.

Resonating with his distinctive style and verve, the introduction charts the important debates and discourses in Indian sociology, apart from reflecting this erudite academic’s passionate journey within the discipline.

The Foreword by Partha Nath Mukherji is a fitting tribute from a well known scholar, colleague and friend. Mukherji writes, 'He [Dhanagare] introduces his book with a masterly commentary virtually on the evolution of sociology in India—an attempt that is far from easy, given the vast array of scholars and their contributions, and the limitations of space.'

D. N. Dhanagare is National Fellow, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

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