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Orient BlackSwan Vishwa Atlas : Laghu Sanskaran is the Hindi version of  The Orient BlackSwan World Atlas : Mini Edition published by us. This colourful Atlas is prepared keeping in view the present day needs of the students. The maps included in the book are authentic, easy to understand and attractive.

This is an essential and indispensable global guide. Its  major features are:

  • This handy atlas features detailed maps of the continents and countries, highlights city and town names and displays physical features and transport routes.
  • Comprehensive key statistics of the world [pp. 4-15]
  • A map depicting international communication networks and tourist attractions [p. 21].
  • Includes the World’s geographic extremes [p.20]
  • The maps of Arctic and Antarctic regions with the names of different locations and their explorers. [pp. 74-75]
  • Also included a time-zone chart [p. 76]. 
  • This atlas is appended with a clear, easy-to-use index of around 7000 place names and names of geographical features such as mountains, lakes and rivers which makes this atlas an invaluable book.
  • The pullout chart map of World [Political] and India[Political] pasted in this atlas is easy to hang for better viewing and understanding.
Sangam Books (India) Private Limited
    Sanketic Chihn [symbols]    page 3
  1. Vishwa – Mahatwapurna Sankhyiki [World—Key Statistics]
  2. Vishwa – Prakritik [World—Physical]
  3. Vishwa – Rajnaitik[World—Political]
  4. Vishwa – Bhougoulik charam simaye[World—Geographic Extremes]
  5. Vishwa –Hawai marg,samudri marg aur paryatan sthal[World—Air Routes, Sea Routes and Tourist Places ]
  6. Ashiya – Prakritik[Asia — Physical]
  7. Ashiya – Rajnaitik[Asia—Political]
  8. Bharat– Prakritik [India—Physical]
  9. Bharat– Rajnaitik [India—Political]
  10. Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh aur Srilanka[Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh and Srilanka]
  11. Pashim Ashiya [West Asia]
  12. Afganistan,Pakistan aur Maldives [Afganistan,Pakistan and Maldives]
  13. Ruse aur  nikatvarti desh[Russia and neighboring countries]
  14. Chin,Mangolia aur Taiwan [China, Mongolia and Taiwan]
  15. Uttar koriya,Dakshin koriya aur Japan[North Korea, South Korea and Japan]
  16. Myanmar,Laos,Vietnam,Cambodia aur Thiland [Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam,       Cambodia and Thailand]
  17. Filipines, Malasia, Brunei, Indonesia, Porvi Timor aur Singapur [Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, East Timor and Singapore]
  18. Europ – Prakritik [Europe— Physical]
  19. Europ – Rajnaitik [Europe— Political]
  20. Sanyukt rajya aur Iyerland [British Isles]
  21. Afrika – Prakritik [Africa— Physical]
  22. Afrika – Rajnaitik [Africa—Political]
  23. Australia aur Oceania [Australia and Oceania]
  24. Australia
  25. New Zealand
  26. Uttar Amerika– Prakritik [ North America— Physical]
  27. Uttar Amerika– Rajnaitik [North America— Political]
  28. Sanyukt Rajya Amerika [United States of America]
  29. Madhya Amerika aur West indies [Central America and West Indies]
  30. Dakshin Amerika – Prakritik[ South America— Physical]
  31. Dakshin Amerika – Rajnaitik [South America— Political]
  32. Uttar Dhruviya aur Dakshin Dhruviya Pradesh [Arctic and Antarctic Regions]
  33. Vishwa – Samaya kshetra [World—Time Zones]
  34. Anukramanika [Index]
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