Orient Blackswan Hindi-Angrezi-Hindi Shabdakosh (Hindi-English-Hindi Dictionary)
Vishwa Nath Bhargava
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Orient Blackswan Hindi-Angrezi-Hindi Shabdakosh [Hindi-English-Hindi Dictionary] is a learner’s dictionary of Hindi language with English help provided throughout. It is specially designed for the students of non-Hindi and English medium schools of the country.

Hindi and English languages are very important in a school curriculum across the Boards in the country. Teaching of both these languages is compulsorily included in all schools. People especially children whose mother tongue is other than Hindi and also if the medium of instruction in the school is also English, such children have often found it difficult to get the meanings and usages of Hindi words, their nuances and phrases right and thus find the learning of Hindi cumbersome as a subject. And most of the times the parents also are not able to help their children with their Hindi language problems at home.

Orient BlackSwan Hindi-English-Hindi Dictionary is specially designed for the students and parents who find learning of Hindi difficult at the school level either because of their mother tongue is a language other than Hindi and/or who have to pursue their study at the school level through the English medium but have to study Hindi as a subject.

This dictionary provides solutions to both of these kinds who find Hindi difficult at the learning level.

 Amongst its key features:

  1. About 10000 words including headwords [mukhya shabda] and an equal number of derivatives [sambandhit shabd] and idiomatic phrases [muhavare and prayog] given with their grammar labels [vyakaranik bhed] and illustrative sentences [vaakya mein prayog].
  2. Provides  Pronunciation in Roman letters of headwords [mukhya shabda ka roman mein uchchaaran]
  3. Meanings of headwords [shabdon ke arth] provided in simple and clear English and Hindi with phrases and illustrative sentences in Hindi [Mukhya shabda evam sambandhit shabdon ka vaakyon mein prayog]
  4. Line drawings [chitra] given to clarify meanings for some words the meanings of which could neither be made clear through the explanation in Hindi and English or by an illustrative Hindi sentence. For example: the words like kargha [p.67], paalaki [193]; paalthi [194]; kardhani [67]; kangoora[62]; okhali [59]; ustaraa[52]; bagghi [217]; etc.
    Thus, illustrations complement and supplement information in this dictionary for some entries.
  5. Vishesh and/or Vyaakhya : Certain words like ashvamedh yajna [22]; Adhikaar’[9]; ati [7-8]; Kabaddi [66]; Karbala [67]; Jis [120]; Tulsi [42];  Mangal [238] etc have been explained under the head ‘Vishesh’ or ‘Vyaakhya’.
  6. Bilingual Glossary [Hindi-Angrezi Shabdavali] [pp 346-360] includes English equivalents of Hindi terminology of about 1500 words.
  7. How to use this dictionary’ is explained both in Hindi and English with the help of the entries from this dictionary [see pages x-xi]
  8. The Order of words in a Hindi dictionary i.e. ‘how to look up a word in a Hindi dictionary’ is explained both in Hindi and English. [see pages xii-xv]
Vishwa Nath Bhargava is  MA, M ed.,  Sahitya Ratana from Allahabad. 
Ex master, Military School, Belgaum (Karnataka);
Ex-master,House-master, Senior  Master,  Sainik School, Jamnagar ( Gujarat);
Ex-principal,  Kendriya Vidyalaya, kota ( Rajasthan);
Retired Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Baroda.
  • Introduction to the Dictionary
  • How to use this Dictionary
  • The order of words in a Hindi Dictionary
  • Hindi Alphabets a to ha
  • Hindi-English Glossary
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