Social Movements and Cultural Currents 1789–1945 : Themes in Modern European History
Vandana Joshi (Ed.)
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This bookis the first of the multi-volume series entitled Themes in Modern European History. This collection of essays offers a critical survey of European history between 1789 and 1945 and is essential reading for students and scholars of modern European history. The volume is divided into two sections—social movements and cultural currents. While the first section discusses events, representations, experiences, polities and societies of this period, the second section looks at the wider literary and artistic expressions.  

The first five chapters present a panoramic view of the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, Italian Fascism, British Liberalism and Feminism, from their origins and focus on several key historical moments. The chapter on feminism evaluates all the others from the perspective of ‘the excluded other half of humanity’. The sixth (early modernism) and the seventh (later modernism) chapters address the fundamental question of when ‘modern’ actually begins and go on to show how radical philosophical shifts affected the way in which many writers and artists viewed themselves and art in relation to society and how they manifested themselves in the paintings and literature of the period. The last chapter examines the transformation of popular culture from its identification in the nineteenth century as an element of class recognition into a generational, national and mass-cultural item after World War II.

The annotated bibliographies at the end of each chapter are a student-friendly pedagogical aid. The section on European art is enhanced by the inclusion of colour reproductions of the originals discussed in the book.
Vandana Joshi is Assistant Professor, Department of History, Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University.

List of Plates

Vandana Joshi

Social Movements

1 The Harbinger of Western Modernity: The French Revolution
Melanie A. Bailey and Vandana Joshi

2 ‘Peace, Land and Bread’: The Russian Revolution
Sharon A. Kowalsky

3 Mass Politics in the Age of Anxiety: Interwar Fascism and the Italian Case
Daniella Sarnoff

4 A Model of Evolutionary Change: The Case of British Liberalism
Brian W. Refford

5 From a Bonsai to a Banyan Tree: The Trajectory of European Feminism
Vandana Joshi

Cultural Currents

6 The Spider versus the Bee: Early Modernism in European Literature and Painting
Kimberly Morse Jones

7 ‘All That is Solid Melts into Air’: Later Modernism in European Painting and Literature
Kimberly Morse Jones

8 Reading Marx and Wearing Jeans: Aspects of Popular Culture in Modern Europe
Guillaume de Syon

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