Apology for Poetry by Sir Philip Sidney (OBAST)
Visvanath Chatterjee (ed.)
140 x 216 mm
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This book is part of Orient BlackSwan Annotated Study Texts (OBAST) series. OBAST is a series designed to bring classic English texts closer to students so that they are able to enjoy and understand the literary beauty and value of these excellent works. The introductions, commentaries and notes are aimed at providing guidance to the student to perceive the complete literary and cultural matrix of the works as well as to draw on the stylistic and technical mastery of the writers.

Sir Philip Sidney’s An Apology for Poetry is a classic text in the history of literary criticism, forming an important milestone in the defence of poetry. The text is a statement defending poetry as being superior to philosophy and history as a means of teaching virtue. This edition of Sidney’s Apology has an introduction, annotations and notes prepared by Professor Visvanath Chatterjee which specifically address the needs of students of Indian colleges and universities. While the introduction contextualises the study of the Apology and gives insights into the nature of the work, the background of the writer and his age, and important ideas and themes, the annotations and notes analyse the specific textual and thematic aspects. In addition, there are extracts from eminent critical studies on the Apology. The edition concludes with a select bibliography and a set of topics and questions for classroom discussion and critical analysis.

Visvanath Chatterjee was Professor of English at Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

A Note On The Second Edition
Preface To The First Edition
Sir Philip Sidney Chronology
Sidney And The Critical Tradition
Sidney As The Father Of English Criticism
The Influence Of Classical Criticism
The Influence Of The Italian Renaissance
Sidney’s Defence And Gosson’s Abuse
Sidney’s An Apology For Poetry
Sidney’s View Of The Antiquity And Universality Of Poetry
Sidney’s Definitions Of Poetry
Poetry As Superior To History And Philosophy
The Various Kinds Of Poetry
Four Chief Objections To Poetry
Sidney’s Review Of English Poetry And Drama
Sidney’s View Of Poetry
Sidney As A Critic
An Apology For Poetry: Text And Commentary
Extracts From Criticism On Apology
Select Bibliography

Topics And Questions For Discussion
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