Spoken English: A Foundation Course Part 2 (for speakers of Bangla)
Kamlesh Sadanand and Susheela Punitha
180 x 240 mm
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The book is intended to help develop the oral communication skills of second language learners, especially those who have had a regional language medium of instruction at school and who have had little or no exposure to spoken English. It is primarily aimed at students preparing to enter the main stream, which would require them to compete with those who have a stronger base in English. The book can also be used as self-instructional material by people who are employed or engaged in different activities of their own. The book comes with an audio CD that gives learners an opportunity to listen to dialogues in everyday situations and that provide answers to practice exercises as well. Also included are brief, easy to understand tips on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and usage. The book offers learners a second and more advanced set of 25 functions that require the use of relatively complex language structures than those in Part 1.

Dr Kamlesh Sadanand is former Professor and Head, Centre for Phonetics and Spoken English, CIEFL, Hyderabad. Besides her long years of experience in teaching and developing ELT materials and in supervising research work, she has published several papers and books, prominent among which is A Practical Course in English Pronunciation. 

Ms Susheela Punitha is former Professor of English, Mount Carmel College, Bangalore. She has also been actively engaged in developing course materials and in conducting ELT workshops.

Module 6
26. Asking for and Giving an Opinion
27. Agreeing and disagreeing with Opinions
28. Seeking and Giving Advice and Making Suggestions
29. Persuading and Dissuading People
30. Making a Complaint and Responding to One

Module 7
31. Expressing Likes and Dislikes
32. Expressing Hopes, Wishes, Regrets and Concern
33. Expressing Sympathy and Offering Condolences
34. Expressing Emotions
35. Talking about Past Events

Module 8
36. Talking about Quantity
37. Describing Manner and Frequency
38. Assuming and Inferring
39. Making Comparisons
40. Explaining Words and Actions and Giving Reasons

Module 9
41. Talking about Future Events
42. Talking about Intentions/Plans
43. Talking about Purpose and Consequence
44. Talking about Arrangements
45. Reporting what People Said

Module 10
46. Expressing Certainty and Uncertainty
47. Expressing Possibility and Impossibility
48. Expressing Probability and Improbability
49. Expressing Obligation and Necessity
50. Expressing Ability and Inability

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