Dilli : Pracheen Itihas (Hindi)
Upinder Singh (Ed.)
140 x 216 mm
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This is the Hindi edition of Delhi: Ancient History a collection of essays on Delhi’s ancient history published by Social Science Press, New Delhi. This collection of essays has been put together for a discipline centered course by an eminent historian for the second year Honours students of Delhi University other than History Honours students. The maximum marks for this paper is 50 and the scores are supposed to be added to the main total of the student. The readings of this book give us a glimpse of the lives of people who lived over the centuries in the Delhi area, and how these details are pieced together by historians. The book also brings in to focus the importance of the historians’ method and the sources of information found in ancient texts, edicts and inscriptions, archaeology and even legends and folklore, sometimes hanging on the thread of a slender historical fact. This is the first book in the series of three titles published by Orient BlackSwan for concurrent courses of History of Delhi University. The other two in the pipeline are: Adhunik Bharat ka Sanskritic Itihas by Dilip M Menon - forthcoming Madhyakaleen Bharat ka Sanskritic Itihas by Meenakshi Khanna - under consideration

Dr Upinder Singh teaches Ancient Indian History in the department of History at University of Delhi. Her publications include Kings, Brahmanas and Temples in Orissa: An Epigraphic Study (AD 300-1147), The Discovery of Ancient India: Early Archaeologists and Beginings of Archaeology and Ancient Delhi.
Chitra/manchitra suchi List of illustrations/maps Aabhaar Acknowledgements Part I Dilli kshetra ki paashaankaaleen sthal Stone Age Sites in Delhi Area Part II Aadya-aitihaasik bastiyan: Bhorgarh evem Mandoli ke parvarti Harappai avashesh Protohistoric Settlements: Late Harappan Remains at Bhorgarh and Mandoli Part III Puraatatwa evem kimvadanti Archaeology and Legend Part IV Aadya-itihaas kaal: shrinivaspuri/bahapur ke ashokeeya shilaalekh The Early Historic Period: The Ashokan Rock Edict at Shrinavspuri/Bahapur Part V Mehrauli Lauh sthambh ka abhilekh The Mehrauli Iron Pillar Inscription Part VI Purva-madhyakaal: Laalkot aur Anangpur The Early Medieval Period: Lal Kot and Anagpur Part VII Pracheenkaal ke avasheshon ka madhyakaaleen aur aadhunik itihaas The Medieval and Modern History of Ancient Remains
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