History of Medieval India
Satish Chandra
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Satish Chandra’s History of Medieval India is a comprehensive overview of the history of the Indian subcontinent during the thousand-year period between the eighth and the eighteenth century. History of Medieval India studies this interesting period in Indian history when the land underwent drastic changes, deeply influenced by the invading armies, religious movements and the vicissitudes of the changing political, economic and cultural scene. To tell the history of a land spanning the geographical dimensions and the political divisions of the Indian subcontinent is in itself a formidable task. Satish Chandra executes this difficult mission with the eye of an enquirer and the pen of a scholar. Both students and interested readers are sure to find this volume, dealing with the histories of the Cholas, Rajputs, the invading Turks, Vijayanagara kings, Bahmanids, Mughals, Marathas and others, an essential reader for understanding the history of medieval India.

Professor Satish Chandra has been the Chairman, University Grants Commission and Professor, Medieval Indian History, and Dean, Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is currently Secretary of the Twelve-volume Comprehensive History of India Scheme of the Indian History Congress, being implemented by the Comprehensive History of India Society. He is also the Secretary General of the Society for Indian Ocean Studies. His work has been extensively published in books and journals, in India and abroad.

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