Shivaji and his times
Jadunath Sarkar
Territorial Rights
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As a historian, Jadunath Sarkar (1870-1958) is a study in himself. This re-issue of his classic work fulfils a demand from all students and researchers of Indian history and society.

Shivaji and his times is much more than a biography of the great Maratha leader. It deals with the tangled web of Deccan history in the seventeenth century, describes Shivaji’s relations with the Mughals, provides a detailed knowledge of the internal affairs of the Mughal Empire at the period of its decline, and also analyses Shivaji’s relations with the English and Portuguese. The book concludes with a description of Maratha government, institutions and policy in the seventeenth century, and of Shivaji’s achievements, character and place in history.

Some original reviews of Shivaji and his times:

Jadunath Sarkar

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