The Evolution of Scientific Medicine
Dr. P. Kutumbiah
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This collection of the erudite lectures delivered by Dr. P. Kutumbiah M.D., F.R.C.P, reveals a master study of the subject of Ancient Medicine through the ages.

Medicine in the pre-historic age and the pre-history of medicine in the paleolithic and neolithic ages is dealt with as a start of the research.

The contents begin with the Mesopotamian magico-religious medicine, followed by the Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Greek right through the middle ages. The Arabian and the Mediaeval period is also covered, leading to the beginnings of modern science of physiology, then modern medicine using pathology, clinical medicine and bacteriology.

At the time of the authors work, it was a pioneering effort to trace the history of medicine.

Dr P. Kutumbiah was born in India in 1892. He served in the Indian Medical Service and worked as a lecturer in chemistry and Surgery for the Madras Medical Service. In 1930 he obtained membership to the Royal College of Physicians in London. Besides the practice of medicine he was always interested in the history of medicine, particularly ancient Indian medicine. In 1947, along with some friends interested in this subject, he founded a society for the study of the history of medicine. In 1953, this society was converted into The Indian Association of the History of Medicine, and he was elected as its first President. This volume is the result of years of study undertaken by Kutumbiah.
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