Maiboli Marathi Shikuya

Maiboli Marathi Shikuya is a graded series to teach Marathi to non-Marathi children. The meaning of 'Marathi Shiku Ya' is 'let us learn Marathi'.

The series is parallel to 'Marathi Bhasha' which has four books. Comparatively speaking, Marathi Shiku Ya is a more simple, illustrative series made more interesting for children by adding playful activities. There are a lot of illustrations given to make the children understand the nouns, verbs and in general the matter easily. The first two books i.e Book A & Book B ( for younger children) are in four colours while books 1,2 and 3 are in two colours.

The basic problem in learning Marathi is pronunciation. This is made easier by giving at the outset, for each Marathi alphabet, comparative word in English which sounds similar to the Marathi alphabet.

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