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Too Many Men Too Few Women: Social Consequences of Gender Imbalance in India and China
Virtus in Arduis: I Did It My Way
A Quantum Leap in the Wrong Direction?
Dissent on Aadhaar: Big Data Meets Big Brother
Indian Environmental Law: Key Concepts and Principles
The Languages of Goa, Volume 8, Part II, People’s Linguistic Survey of India
Children’s Games, Adults’ Gambits: From Vidyasagar to Satyajit Ray
Rabindranath Tagore : One Hundred Years of Global Reception
Media’s Shifting Terrain: Five Years that Transformed the Way India Communicates
The China–India Rivalry in the Globalisation Era
Navigating the Labyrinth: Perspectives on India’s Higher Education
Post-Growth Thinking in India: Towards Sustainable Egalitarian Alternatives
Sociology and Social Anthropology in South Asia: Histories and Practices
Ten Ideologies: The Great Asymmetry between Agrarianism and Industrialism
I am the Widow: An Intellectual Biography of Behramji Malabari
Mayilamma: The Life of a Tribal Eco-Warrior
India in Nuclear Asia: Evolution of Regional Forces, Perceptions, and Policies
Of Indian Origin: Writings From Australia
India’s Aged: Needs and Vulnerabilities
Kariamanikkam Srinivasa Krishnan: His Life and Work
Agnipariksha: An Ordeal Remembered
Building Universities that Matter: Where are Indian Institutions Going Wrong?
Gendered Citizenship: Manifestations and Performance
We Who Wove with Lotus Thread: Summoning Community in South India
Economic Analysis of Agrarian Institutions: The Case of Tenancy
Building Universities that Matter: Where are Indian Institutions Going Wrong?
Hastening Slowly: India’s Industrial Growth in the Era of Economic Reforms
History of Modern Telangana
Refashioning India: Gender, Media, and a Transformed Public Discourse
Know Your English (Vol.1): Idioms and their stories
Know Your English (Vol.2): Words frequently confused
Looking Back: The 1947 Partition of India, 70 Years On
Breaking the Silo: Integrated Science Education in India
Lee Jong-wook: A Life in Health and Politics
The Past of the Outcaste: Readings in Dalit History
Life, Emergent: The Social in the Afterlives of Violence
The Great Gatsby
When Sun Meets Moon: Gender, Eros, and Ecstasy in Urdu Poetry
Languished Hopes: Tuberculosis, the State and International Assistance in Twentieth-century India
In the Public’s Interest: Evictions, Citizenship and Inequality in Contemporary Delhi
The Languages of Meghalaya
The Ground Between: Anthropologists Engage Philosophy
Twelfth Night
Violence and the Burden of Memory: Remembrance and Erasure in Sinhala Consciousness
A Place for Utopia: Urban Designs from South Asia
Building a Just World : Essays in Honour of Muchkund Dubey
Conquest and Community: The Afterlife of Warrior Saint Ghazi Miyan
Wording the World: Veena Das and Scenes of Inheritance
Development, Decentralisation and Democracy
In the Club: Associational Life in Colonial South Asia
Kaanduri and Other Stories
After the Bomb: Reflections on India’s Nuclear Journey
Social Inclusion in Independent India : Dimensions and Approaches
The Indian Parliament : A Critical Appraisal
The Writings of D. N. Dhanagare: The Missing Tradition: Debates and Discourses in Indian Sociology
Left Politics in Bengal: Time Travels among Bhadralok Marxists
A Living Faith: My Quest for Peace, Harmony and Social Change - An Autobiography of Asghar Ali Engineer
Squaring the Circle: Seven Steps to Indian Renaissance
Panchlight and other Stories
Towards a Critical Medical Practice: Reflections on the Dilemmas of Medical Culture Today
The Writings of M. T. Vasudevan Nair
Multilingual Education Works: From the Periphery to the Centre
Global Crisis, Recession and Uneven Recovery
MGNREGA Sameeksha: An Anthology of Research Studies on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 2006–2012
Economic Policies and India's Reform Agenda: New Thinking
From Hindi to Urdu: A Social and Political History
A Grief to Bury: Memories of Love, Work & Loss
Other Orientalisms: India between Florence and Bombay, 1860–1900
Bombay before Bollywood: Film City Fantasies
Before the Divide: Hindi and Urdu Literary Culture
Adivasis and the Raj: Socio-economic Transition of the Hos, 1820-1932
States of Sentiment: Exploring the Cultures of Emotion
The Adivasi Question: Issues of Land, Forest and Livelihood
Marrying in South Asia: Shifting Concepts, Changing Practices in a Globalising World
Language and Cultural Diversity: The Writings of Debi Prasanna Pattanayak – Volumes 1
Language and Cultural Diversity: The Writings of Debi Prasanna Pattanayak – Volumes 2
India After the Global Crisis
Revisiting 1956: B. R. Ambedkar and States Reorganisation
Genesis: Select Stories
The Fall and Rise of Telangana
The Fall and Rise of Telangana
A Practical Guide to Obstetrics Cost-effective, evidence-based, safe care
Memories and Movements: Borders and Communities in Banni, Kutch, Gujarat
Economics: A Primer for India
The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgaging Our Future
Can Stars Find Peace?
What are the Stars?
The Management of Labour
Effective E-learning: Design, Development and Delivery
The Legislature and the Judiciary: Judicial Pronouncements on Parliament and State Legislatures
The Idea of Gujarat: History, Ethnography and Text
The World Bank in India: Undermining Sovereignty, Distorting Development
Understanding Contemporary India: Critical Perspectives
India and the Global Financial Crisis: Managing Money and Finance