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Literary/Cultural Theory

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Literary/Cultural Theory provides concise and lucid introductions to a range of key concepts and theorists in contemporary literary and cultural theory. Original and contemporary in presentation, and eschewing jargon, each book in the series presents students of humanities and social sciences exhaustive overviews of theories and theorists, while also introducing them to the mechanics of reading literary/cultural texts using critical tools. Each book also carries glossaries of key terms and ideas, and pointers for further reading and research. Written by scholar-teachers who have taught critical theory for years, and vetted by some of the foremost experts in the field, the series Literary/Cultural Theory is indispensable to students and teachers.

Series editors:
* Allen Hibbard, Middle Tennessee State University
* Andrew Slade, University of Dayton
* Herman Rapaport, Wake Forest University
* Imre Szeman, University of Alberta
* Krishna Sen, University of Calcutta
* Scott Slovic, University of Idaho
* Sumit Chakrabarti, Presidency University, Kolkata

Forthcoming in the series:
* New Historicism
* Postcolonialisms
* Masculinities
* Diaspora Studies
* Mikhail Bakhtin
* Modernisms
* Postmodernisms
* Postsecularism