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China After 1978: Craters on the Moon

Economic and Political Weekly

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 326     Read more

The Modern Spirit of Asia: The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India

Peter van der Veer

Year: 2014     Hardback
Pages: 296     Read more

Padilechina Telangana (telugu version of the fall and rise of telangana)

Gautam Pingle

Year: 2016     Paperback
Pages: 360     Read more

India and China in the Colonial World

Madhavi Thampi (Ed.)

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 266     Read more

The China–India Rivalry in the Globalisation Era

T. V. Paul

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 368     Read more