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Holy Science: The Biopolitics of Hindu Nationalism

Banu Subramaniam

Year: 2019     Paperback
Pages: 308     Read more

Gandhi’s Search for the Perfect Diet: Eating with the World in Mind

Nico Slate

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 264     Read more

Bhakti and Power: Debating India’s Religion of the Heart

John Stratton Hawley, Christian Lee Novetzke and Swapna Sharma

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 272     Read more

The Concept Of Bharatavarsha And Other Essays

B.D. Chattopadhyaya

Year: 2019     Paperback
Pages: 240     Read more

Looking Back: The 1947 Partition of India, 70 Years On

Rakhshanda Jalil, Tarun K. Saint and Debjani Sengupta

Year: 2019     Paperback
Pages: 396     Read more

Partition’s Legacies

Joya Chatterji

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 572     Read more

Revolution in Reform: Trade-Unionism in Lahore, c. 1920–70

Ahmad Azhar

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 248     Read more

Ten Ideologies: The Great Asymmetry between Agrarianism and Industrialism

S. Jaipal Reddy

Year: 2019     Paperback
Pages: 304     Read more

The Languages of Goa, Volume 8, Part II, People’s Linguistic Survey of India

G. N. Devy, Madhavi Sardesai, Damodar Mauzo

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 320     Read more

Children’s Games, Adults’ Gambits: From Vidyasagar to Satyajit Ray

Anindita Mukhopadhyay

Year: 2019     Hardback
Pages: 424     Read more