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Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad

Tejaswini Niranjana

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 272     Read more

Nation in Imagination: Essays on Nationalism, Sub-Nationalisms and Narration

C. Vijayasree, Meenakshi Mukherjee, Harish Trivedi and T. Vijay Kumar (Ed.)

Year: 2007     Hardback
Pages: 296     Read more

Beyond the World of Apu – the films of Satyajit Ray

John W. Hood

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 528     Read more

Women of the Mahabharata, The: The Question of Truth

Chaturvedi Badrinath

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 288     Read more

Biography as History: Indian Perspectives

Vijaya Ramaswamy and Yogesh Sharma

Year: 2008     Hardback
Pages: 312     Read more

Scripting Lives: Narratives of ‘Privileged Women in Kerala

Sharmila Shreekumar (Ed.)

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 324     Read more

Wives, Widows and Concubines: The Conjugal Family Ideal in Colonial India

Mytheli Sreenivas

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 184     Read more

Women in Malayalam Cinema: Naturalising Gender Hierarchies

Meena T. Pillai (Ed.)

Year: 2010     Hardback
Pages: 252     Read more

For the Record: On Sexuality and the Colonial Archive in India

Anjali Arondekar

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 228     Read more