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Year of Publishing

Malabar Muslim Cookery

Ummi Abdulla

Year: 1993     Paperback
Pages: 136     Read more

The Epicure Cookbook

Ummi Abdulla

Year: 1998     Paperback
Pages: 144     Read more

Mirch Masala

Surayya Tyabji

Year: 2002     Paperback
Pages: 104     Read more

Recipes of the Jaffna Tamils

Nesa Eliezer (Ed.)

Year: 2003     Paperback
Pages: 164     Read more

Casket of Vegetarian Recipes, A

S. V. Ramani

Year: 2006     Paperback
Pages: 152     Read more

Bangla Ranna: An Introduction to Bengali Cuisine

Satarupa Banerjee

Year: 2006     Paperback
Pages: 208     Read more

Vegetarian Fare

N. Radha Rao

Year: 2006     Paperback
Pages: 168     Read more

A New Way to Eat

Tusna Park

Year: 2006     Paperback
Pages: 232     Read more

High Fibre, Low Calorie Diet and Recipe Book, The

Rani Rao and Santosh Vaish

Year: 2007     Paperback
Pages: 332     Read more

Thangam Philip’s Vegetarian Recipes for Healthy Living

Thangam Philip

Year: 2011     Paperback
Pages: 288     Read more