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Western Medicine and Public Health in Colonial Bombay, 1845–1895

Mridula Ramanna

Year: 2002     Hardback
Pages: 284     Read more

Fractured States: Smallpox, Public Health and Vaccination Policy in British India

Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Mark Harrison and Michael Worboys

Year: 2005     Hardback
Pages: 276     Read more

A New Way to Eat

Tusna Park

Year: 2006     Paperback
Pages: 232     Read more

History of the Social Determinants of Health: Global Histories, Contemporary Debates

Harold J. Cook, Sanjoy Bhattacharya, Anne Hardy (Eds.)

Year: 2009     Hardback
Pages: 380     Read more

Disability And society: A Reader

Renu Addlakha , Stuart Blume, Patrick J. Devlieger, Osamu Nagase and Myriam Winance (Eds.)

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 476     Read more

From Western Medicine to Global Medicine: The Hospital Beyond the West

Mark Harrison, Margaret Jones, Helen Sweet (Eds.)

Year: 2009     Hardback
Pages: 500     Read more

Children with Communication Disorders

Prathibha Karanth

Year: 2010     Paperback
Pages: 208     Read more

Health, Illness and Medicine: Ethnographic Readings

Arima Mishra (Ed.)

Year: 2010     Hardback
Pages: 332     Read more

Towards a Critical Medical Practice: Reflections on the Dilemmas of Medical Culture Today

Anand Zachariah, R. Srivatsan and Susie Tharu (Eds.)

Year: 2010     Hardback
Pages: 392     Read more

Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India

V. Sujatha and Leena Abraham

Year: 2012     Hardback
Pages: 408     Read more