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Year of Publishing

Environmental Consciousness and Urban Planning

M. N. Buch

Year: 1993     Paperback
Pages: 88     Read more

Understanding Biodiversity: Life, Sustainability and Equity

Ashish Kothari

Year: 1997     Paperback
Pages: 161     Read more

The Development Dictionary: A Guide to Knowledge as Power

Wolfang Sachs

Year: 1997     Hardback
Pages: 408     Read more

Development, Displacement and Disparity: India in the last Quarter of the Twentieth Century

Nirmala Banerjee and Sugata Marjit (Eds.)

Year: 2005     Hardback
Pages: 317     Read more

Fatalism and Development: Nepal's Struggle for Modernization

Dor Bahadur Bista

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 200     Read more

Uneven Economic Development

José Antonio Ocampo and Rob Vos

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 240     Read more

Ageing and Development

Rob Vos, Jose Antonio Ocampo and Ana Luiza Cortez

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 272     Read more

Post-Reform Development In Asia - Essays for Amiya Kumar Bagchi

Manoj Kumar Sanyal, Mandira Sanyal and Shahina Amin (Eds.)

Year: 2009     Hardback
Pages: 360     Read more

Diasporas and Development

Barbara J. Merz, Lincoln C. Chen and Peter F. Geithner

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 292     Read more

Craft Matters: Artisans, Development and the Indian Nation

Soumhya Venkatesan

Year: 2009     Hardback
Pages: 316     Read more