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Living Traditions in Contemporary Contexts: The Madhva Matha of Udupi

Mr. Vasudeva Rao

Year: 2002     Hardback
Pages: 252     Read more

Becoming a Global Audience - Longing and Belonging in Indian Music Television

Vamsee Juluri

Year: 2004     Paperback
Pages: 168     Read more

Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad

Tejaswini Niranjana

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 272     Read more

Gender and Cultural Identity in Colonial Orissa

Sachidananda Mohanty

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 192     Read more

In Quest of Indian Folktales: Pandit Ram Gharib Chaube and William Crooke

Sadhana Naithani

Year: 2009     Hardback
Pages: 344     Read more

Fatalism and Development: Nepal's Struggle for Modernization

Dor Bahadur Bista

Year: 2008     Paperback
Pages: 200     Read more

New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory

Gary Hall and Clare Birchall

Year: 2009     Paperback
Pages: 332     Read more