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Year of Publishing

Understanding Physical Geography Through Diagrams

Sutopa Mukherjee

Year: 1996     Paperback
Pages: 204     Read more

Introduction to Settlement Geography

Sumita Ghosh

Year: 1998     Hardback
Pages: 164     Read more

An Introduction to Development and Regional Planning

Jayasri Ray Chaudhuri

Year: 2001     Hardback
Pages: 492     Read more

Orient BlackSwan School Atlas for Sri Lanka (Tamil Edition)

Sangam Books (India) Pvt. Ltd

Year: 2007     Paperback
Pages: 76     Read more

Mumbai: Political Economy of Crime and Space

Abdul Shaban

Year: 2010     Hardback
Pages: 258     Read more

History, Historians and Development Policy: A Necessary Dialogue

C. A. Bayly, Vijayendra Rao, Simon Szreter and Michael Woolcock (Eds.)

Year: 2012     Paperback
Pages: 288     Read more

Orient Blackswan Vishwa Atlas - Laghu Sanskaran

Sangam Books (India) Private Limited

Year: 2013     Paperback
Pages: 100     Read more

Quantitative Geography: Techniques and Presentations

Ashis Sarkar

Year: 2013     Paperback
Pages: 400     Read more

Neoliberalism and Water: Complicating the Story of ‘Reforms’ in Maharashtra

Priya Sangameswaran

Year: 2014     Hardback
Pages: 340     Read more

The Languages of Kerala and Lakshadweep

M. Sreenathan and Joseph Koyipally(Eds.)

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 360     Read more