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Other Orientalisms: India between Florence and Bombay, 1860–1900
Filipa Lowndes Vicente
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ISBN : 9788125047582
Language : English
Pages : 360
Binding : Hardback
Book Size : 158 x 240 mm
Year : 2012
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About the Book

Other Orientalisms analyses different forms of knowledge about India through the circulation of people, ideas, information, images and objects between Florence and Bombay through the last decades of the nineteenth century. During this period, Florence became a centre of studies on India, organizing and promoting exhibitions, museums, journals, and international conferences. Based on the relationship between two Indianists – the Italian Angelo de Gubernatis, professor of Sanskrit in Florence, and the Goan historian José Gerson da Cunha, doctor and historian in Bombay – this book reveals an India created in different places and manifested by multiple voices.

By being marginal to the main European colonial metropolis, the institutional, intellectual and visual experience of Florentine Orientalism enriches the debate on power and colonial knowledge that has been very much at the centre of the social sciences in the last decades.

Likewise, by exploring the intellectual world of Bombay in the second half of the nineteenth century, made up of people from a variety of cultural, national and religious backgrounds, this book contributes to the wider cultural history of colonial India.

By combining fascinating unpublished materials of this period, with a deep analysis embedded in contemporary historiographical approaches such as European and India encounters in a colonial context; the debate on “orientalism” initiated by Edward W. Said, or the global circulation of knowledge, people and objects, this books provides new insights into different fields.

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Note on Spellings and Transliteration

Introduction: The Histories of a Photograph, Bombay 1885

  1. Florence as a Centre for Oriental Studies
  2. Orientalism and Colonial Knowledge: Gubernatis in India
  3. Travelling Objects: India Exhibited in Florence

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Filipa Lowndes Vicente is a researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon (ICS-UL), Portugal.