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Anurag Graded Hindi Course is for the learners of Hindi in English medium schools. This series comprises of eighteen textbooks – Praveshikas 1 and 2 for the nursery and upper KG students; Pathmalas 1 to 8 and their accompanying Abhyas Pustikas 1 to 8 for the students of classes 1 to 8. Anurag Hindi Course is based on the latest guidelines given by the NCERT.

This course lays a strong foundation in Hindi to enable students to use the language appropriately and effectively. Teacher’s Books have been completely revised and updated.

  • Hindi Praveshika 1 & 2
  • Hindi Pathmala 1 to 8
  • Hindi Abhyas Pustika 1 to 8
  • Teachers' Books Praveshika 1 & 2
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