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A Dharma Reader - Classical Indian Law

Patrick Olivelle (Ed. and Tr)

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 424     Read more

Provisional Authority: Police, Order, and Security in India

Beatrice Jauregui

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 216     Read more

A Rasa Reader: Classical Indian Aesthetics

Sheldon Pollock

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 468     Read more

Navigating the Labyrinth: Perspectives on India’s Higher Education

Devesh Kapur and Pratap Bhanu Mehta (Eds)

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 284     Read more

Afghanistan’s Regional Dilemmas: South Asia and Beyond

Harsh V. Pant

Year: 2016     Hardback
Pages: 196     Read more

Economic Growth and its Distribution in India

Pulapre Balakrishnan (Ed.)

Year: 2015     Paperback
Pages: 516     Read more

A Place for Utopia: Urban Designs from South Asia

Smriti Srinivas

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 224     Read more

Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari Volume III, 1923–25

Mahesh Rangarajan, N. Balakrishnan and Deepa Bhatnagar

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 568     Read more

Selected Works of C. Rajagopalachari Vol. I 1907–21

Mahesh Rangarajan, N. Balakrishnan, Deepa Bhatnagar (Eds.)

Year: 2014     Hardback
Pages: 472     Read more

Combating Corruption: The Indian Case

Yogesh Atal and Sunil K. Choudhary

Year: 2014     Hardback
Pages: 312     Read more

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