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Raja Yudhisthira: Kingship in Epic Mahabharata

Kevin McGrath

Year: 2017     Hardback
Pages: 264     Read more

Life, Emergent: The Social in the Afterlives of Violence

Yasmeen Arif

Year: 2016     Hardback
Pages: 260     Read more

The Afterlife of Sai Baba: Competing Visions of a Global Saint

Karline McLain

Year: 2016     Hardback
Pages: 280     Read more

Impure Languages : Linguistic and literary hybridity in contemporary cultures

Rama Kant Agnihotri, Claudia Benthien and Tatiana Oranskaia (eds)

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 408     Read more

Cognition, Experience and Creativity

Jaison A. Manjaly and Bipin Indurkhya (eds)

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 308     Read more

Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty

Veena Das

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 272     Read more

Wording the World: Veena Das and Scenes of Inheritance

Roma Chatterji

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 492     Read more

Fields of Play: Sport, Literature and Culture

Poonam Trivedi,Supriya Chaudhuri

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 318     Read more

A Place for Utopia: Urban Designs from South Asia

Smriti Srinivas

Year: 2015     Hardback
Pages: 224     Read more

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