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The Hoodlum Years
Ashok Mitra, with a foreword by Prabhat Patnaik
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ISBN : 9788125062813
Language : English
Pages : 176
Binding : Paperback
Book Size : 140 x 216 mm
Year : 2016
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About the Book

The Hoodlum Years refer to the years of terror and agony that India passed through in the early-mid 1970s and culminated in the Emergency. At the time Ashok Mitra contributed a series of sensitive essays to the Economic and Political Weekly that tellingly and powerfully portrayed the horror of those years. This volume contains a selection of these essays, written during 1972–75 and between January and April 1977.

The claustrophobic season of 1972–77, the author feels, ought to be remembered every now and then; there is otherwise a danger of our judgement being distorted by the familiar problem of forgetting.

With its honest and detailed analysis, this new edition comes with a Foreword by Prabhat Patnaik.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Prabhat Patnaik


  • The Grammar Of Politics
  • Magic At The Margin
  • Rain Beats Down
  • Where Prejudices Are Horses
  • Script For A Fairytale
  • Honour The Hoodlum
  • Murders Are Minor Episodes
  • The Night Of The Jackal
  • Parliamentary Democracy Marches On
  • From The Annals Of Constitutional Authority
  • A Government Of Thieves
  • A Hang-Dog Story
  • Murderers All
  • Everything  Is Fine And Excellent
  • No Birds Sing
  • Troy Does Not Burn
  • They Cannot Sell Their Poetry
  • Old Order Changeth, Yielding Place To Old
  • A Facet Of Revealed Preference
  • Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang
  • They Do Not Want To Learn
  • None For Home Consumption Either
  • Amoral City
  • Doors We Never Opened
  • A Sickness Is Abroad
  • Rock And No Water
  • She Was No Longer Believable
  • Divine Mother And Prince Charming
  • She Quoted Subversive Poetry
  • Who Knows The Truth
  • The Genealogy Of Hatkhola-Rambagan
  • An Improbable Confluence
  • In The Cause Of The People
  • He Belonged To A Non-Relevant Category
  • An Unreconstructed Revolutionary
  • Decision—And Choice
  • Better Be Around
  • A Proclaim Of Equal Sovereignty
  • They Did It On Their Own
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Ashok Mitra is former Finance Minister of West Bengal (1977–87) and former Member of the Rajya Sabha; and a distinguished economist, essayist and political activist.